Are Gupta Agarwal?

Are Gupta Agarwal?

In 2016, the most common surname of the directors of the companies listed in the National Stock Exchange of India was Agarwal (and its variations). The second most common surname was Gupta. Even in modern-day tech and ecommerce companies, they continue to dominate.

Is Maheshwari a Brahmin?

Maheshwari are a community of Vaishnava Banias, originating from the state of Rajasthan in western India. They are a sub-group within the Marwaris community, found through out North India. Followers of Lord Shiva, they are among the leading non-Brahmin forward communities (NBFC) of North India.

Which caste is Marwari?

‘Marwari’ is an umbrella term to classify both Hindus and Jains. The Marwaris originate from Eastern Rajasthan and the term was used as an ethnographic classification in the 1901 census. It described a trader from Rajputana and included primary groups like Agarwals, Maheswaris, Oswals, and Seraogis.

Is Marwari general?

It has evolved to be a designation for the Rajasthani people in general but it is used particularly with reference to certain jātis that fall within the Bania community.

Is Jaiswals a Marwari?

All Jaiswal are OBC…. Wiki says Brahmin and Jain. But do note that Jaiswal can be Kalwars, Rajputs, Agarwals. Some of them claim to be Kshatriyas and were into liquor making.

Which surname comes under Rajput?

Agnivanshi Surnames

  • Baghel. Baghels were Rajputs that were predominately located in and around the Dholka city of Gujarat.
  • Bhaal. It is a toponymic surname referring to Rajputs, who originally belonged to the Bhal region of Gujarat.
  • Bhaduria.
  • Chouhan.
  • Deora.
  • Dodiya.
  • Gharana.
  • Hoda.

Are Maheshwari Jains?

Maheshwari people are basically Marawari people whose ancestors are from marawar region of Rajastan they worship Shiva and thus called maheshwari. The maheshwari are covered under umbrella of Hindusim whereas Jainism is independent religion in itself.