Can desert temples have no chests?

Can desert temples have no chests?

When going into a desert temple, no chests spawn leaving no loot in a desert temple.

How rare are jungle temples in Minecraft?

Jungle pyramids often generate in jungles, bamboo jungles and their hills, there is a 1⁄4 chance for a jungle to generate without a pyramid.

Are jungle biomes rare?

Jungles are somewhat rare biomes, usually are expansive in size, and usually generate in green biome clusters. It has a total of seven variants.

Do jungle temples have chests?

A jungle temple consists of three floors connected via staircase, traps, secret rooms and puzzles. It can contain up to two chests, like a dungeon.

Where is the secret chest in the jungle temple?

Head down the stairs to the basement and turn left to find a puzzle. This puzzle is made up of three levers on the wall. Flip the levers in the right order and a small room with a chest will be revealed. If you can’t figure out the lever order, use a pickaxe to mine behind the second lever and you will find a chest.

What are the levers for in jungle temples?

In each jungle pyramid, there is a puzzle, composed of a set of levers on the lower level. When the levers are flipped into the correct positions, a block on the middle level of the building is removed from the floor, and a small room with a chest inside is revealed.

How do you get a chest in the desert temple?

Dig a descending staircase at the back of the temple as is pictured above. Go down about six blocks. At the bottom of the staircase, start digging toward the center of the temple. You will soon discover a treasure room that holds the chests.

Is there a jungle temple in every World Terraria?

Not to be confused with Jungle Shrine. The Jungle Temple (also known as the Lihzahrd Temple) is an enclosed structure constructed of Lihzahrd Bricks and located in the Underground Jungle. It is always present in any generated world, but can only be entered after Plantera has been defeated.

What’s the strongest weapon in Terraria?

Coin Gun