Did Cambyses kill the Apis bull?

Did Cambyses kill the Apis bull?

A new sacrilege was committed after the expedition to Upper Egypt: Cambyses killed the Apis bull. This was a manifestation of the god Ptah and therefore a sacred animal. After the death of the Apis bull, the priests started to search for a new Apis, and when they had found it, every Egyptian joined the celebrations.

Why did Darius get so mad at the Athenians What did he do to them?

Darius and his army captured Miletus in BC 494. After the city-state fell, the revolts in the Persian Empire crumbled, due to a lack of leadership. Darius I’s anger for Athens grew, because of the aid they provided to the Ionians, and gave him the incentive to invade Greece.

Why did Darius fill Persia’s capital with gold silver and beautiful artwork?

Why did Darius fill Persia’s capital city with gold, silver, and beautiful artwork? Darius wanted Persia’s capital city to reflect the glory of the empire. Making Persia a strong empire.

Which place did Alexander conquer without fighting?

“Alexander creates a propaganda campaign that the Macedonians are invading Persia on behalf of the Greeks, even though Macedon wasn’t part of Greece and didn’t fight on the side of Greece in the original Greco-Persian wars,” says Wrightson.

Who did Persia defeat to win its independence?


Which classical culture represented a blend?

Hellenistic Culture in Alexandria Greek (also known as Hellenic) culture blended with Egyptian, Persian, and Indian influ- ences. This blending became known as Hellenistic culture.

What cultures blended to form Hellenistic civilization?

Greek (also called Hellenic) culture blended with Egyptian, Persian, and Indian influences, a blending which came to be known as Hellenistic culture. Alexandria in Egypt became the foremost center of commerce and Hellenistic civilization.

How was Alexander the Great influenced life today?

One way Alexander the Great has influenced the modern world is by founding many cities, with twenty of them boring his name. Alexander the Great influenced the modern world by founding these cities because it established cities that are still around today and it also spread many Greeks throughout these cities.