Did the people of Pompeii have pets?

Did the people of Pompeii have pets?

Those that did not flee the city of Pompeii in August of 79 AD were doomed. Buried for 1700 years under 30 feet of mud and ash and reduced by the centuries to skeletons, they remained entombed until excavations in the early 1800s. Dogs served in hunting, security and as household pets. …

What was Tito’s favorite meal?

What is Tito’s favorite food? Rice and sugar cakes.

Who is Tito and Bimbo?

Tito lived a poor life, and his dog Bimbo helped to steal money from the local market. Tito was introduced to his dog Bimbo when his parents passed away. Tito loves his dog Bimbo only because he’s been with him for 13 years. Tito relies upon Bimbo’s companionship to assist him with his daily life.

Why did Bimbo have a raisin cake in his mouth?

According to the story, why was the ancient dog of Pompeii found with a raisin cake in its mouth? His dog helps him survive as a blind boy without a family in ancient Pompeii.

What did Tito the boy learn from listening to strangers in Pompeii?

Tito remembered a phrase that the stranger had said in the forum two days ago: “Those who will not listen to men must be taught by the gods.” The people of Pompeii had refused to heed the warnings; they were being taught now—if it was not too late.

What did the excavator and his assistant find in the dog’s mouth?

What did the excavator and his assistant find in the dog’s mouth? They found a raisin cake in the dog’s mouth. Bimbo ended up in the Forum, discovered centuries later with a raisin cake in his mouth.

What kind of character is Tito in the dog of Pompeii?

Tito is a major character in this story. following character traits: he is trustworthy and never unhappy as shown through the direct characterization of the narrator indirect characterization of the character himself/herself. Tito has no parents ,but he does have a dog,Bimbo. He is a round character.

What happened to Pompeii dog?

The Cast of a Dog Found in Pompeii. This Dog died in the eruption of Mt Vesuvius in 79AD and was discovered on November 20, 1874. The dog would have climbed up higher and higher, but failed to escape as his chain was stretched to the limit, still struggling and trying to flee he was buried alive and suffocated.

How does untermeyer create the mood?

Explanation: This is because, in-order for Untermeyer to create the mood, he needs to be able to express it in such a way that, the sound would be well understood. This he can only achieve, by the use of the figurative language.

Why is the stranger in the forum worried about the column of smoke coming from Vesuvius?

The stranger was worried about the column of smoke coming from Mount Vesuvius because it was suddenly more spread out than it was before, forming an umbrella shape. The stranger was worried about the column of smoke coming from Mount Vesuvius because it was beginning to fume and never did so before.

How is the tone of the story described?

The definition of “tone” in literature is the way the author expresses his attitude through his writing. The tone can change very quickly or may remain the same throughout the story. Tone is expressed by your use of syntax, your point of view, your diction, and the level of formality in your writing.

Which of these sentences uses the word camphor correctly?

Answer: b. The Boy Scout used camphor to soothe the burns he got from the campfire.

How is the tone of the story described the dog of Pompeii?

The tone of the story changes through it’s development, being described while we are given the description on the environment around the Boy, Tito. At first, we have a joyful tone, when the narrator describes an lively, active city and a beautiful friendship between the dog and the blind homeless boy, Tito.

What do Bimbo’s last actions tell you about him?

What do Bimbo’s last actions tell you about him? He is thinking of Tito at the end. He is afraid to swim. He was trying to save other people.

What is the setting of the story the dog of Pompeii?

The setting was in a town called Pompeii, Italy. In the story, many years ago the town got hit by an earthquake, so all the buildings were destroyed. Now, all of the buildings are restored and look newer.

What is the theme of the story Pompeii?

The theme of comparing ancient Rome to the contemporary United States is repeated throughout the book, for example in the deliberate use of typically American terminology, as when Attilius regards Pompeii as “a hustling boomtown” while Ampliatus boasts that “I am the man who runs this town.”

What can we learn from the ruins of Pompeii?

By studying the latrines and trash, scientists have learned that Pompeii’s people had a rich and varied diet. They ate songbirds, fish, sea urchins, shellfish and pork — a staple of the Roman diet. By breaking the meat into its molecular components, scientists made another shocking discovery.