Does Argos own bush?

Does Argos own bush?

Bush is a British consumer electronics brand owned by J Sainsbury plc (Sainsbury’s), the parent company of the retailer Argos. The former Bush company is one of the most famous manufacturers of early British radios.

How many items do Argos sell?

About Sainsbury’s Argos Sainsbury’s sells over 90,000 products and employs 195,000 colleagues across the UK and Ireland.

What companies do Argos own?

Current operations

  • Catalogue stores.
  • Collection points.
  • Online.
  • Argos Financial Services.
  • HomeStore&More.
  • ArgosCompare.
  • Argos TV.
  • International shops.

Who is going to buy Homebase?

A £300m sale would represent a remarkable result for Hilco, which bought Homebase for a nominal sum in 2018 after a disastrous spell under the ownership of Wesfarmers, an Australian group.

Which is better Homebase or B & Q?

It depends what you’re looking for really. Homebase is great for general household/gardening stuff whereas B&Q is good for DIY stuff (like paint, certain parts, wood etc.) B&Q are usually better on prices but their stores are a mess and they have the world’s worst customer service.

Who owns Homebase now?

Hilco Capital

Do Bunnings still own Homebase?

In June last year, the process culminated in the sale of Homebase to Hilco for a nominal £1. The UK waved farewell to Bunnings, its power tools and its Sausage Sizzles, and the brief, botched acquisition went down as one of the most disastrous in retail history.

When did Homebase go out of business?


Type Public
Industry Retail
Founded 1983
Defunct 2002
Fate Liquidation

Why did Homebase fail?

Richard Lim, of consultancy Retail Economics, said the Wesfarmers takeover had been an “unbelievable disaster” due to “woeful management decisions, clumsy execution and a misguided perception of the UK market”. He expected the restructuring would result in store closures and more job losses on the High Street.

Why is Bunnings so popular?

Here are three important reasons for Bunnings’s success: Bunnings made household hardware become accessible to everyone. And with that, they have done a great job of building and nurturing a market for people interested in DIY. Bunnings has a good marketing campaign that caters to the DIY market.

What is the equivalent of Officeworks in the UK?

Officeworks – Staples. Bunnings Warehouse – B & Q, Wickes. Forty Winks – Dreams.

What did Bunnings used to be called?

The chain has been owned by Wesfarmers since 1994, and has stores in Australia and New Zealand. Bunnings was founded in Perth, Western Australia in 1886, by two brothers who had immigrated from England….Bunnings Warehouse.

Type Subsidiary
Parent Wesfarmers