Does Genji counter bastion?

Does Genji counter bastion?

Bastion Counters mainly Long range Heroes like Widowmaker, hanzo and even junkrat. certain cases heroes who can get behind bastion like tracer and reaper, are able to damage bastion Weak point making them great Bastion Counters. Such as genji, tracer and even reaper if given the chance are excellent Bastion Counters.

Is tracer harder than Genji?

Genji is the second most mechanically intensive hero in the game but tracer is the first and it isn’t really close. Genji is a lot more about positioning whereas tracer is raw aim and blink management, two incredibly difficult mechanics to master.

How do you kill Genji as a soldier?

As s genji main, i see 76 running in circles at their heal stations and be like wtf right click 3 shirukens, jump away, heal station gone, left click then dash in for the shiruken knife combo to confirm kill. IMO best thing to do is just run away and heal up.

Does Reaper counter Genji?

McCree is among those Reaper Counters, mainly due to his Flash-Bang Stun. This ability allows McCree to do the damage needed to kill Reaper before he can use his wraith form….Reaper Counters.

Strong Agaisnt Weak Against
Winston McCree
Mercy Pharah
Zenyatta Genji
Roadhog Zarya

Does Reaper counter DVA?

D.Va Counters are mainly mei as well as others who at close range would shred any tank hero. Reaper and Zarya make for some amazing D.Va Counters. This makes both the best D.Va Counters in the game, as they can safely attack her while Defense Matrix is in use.

Why is DVA so bad?

Dva is bad because of the absolute brainless dps powercreep during goats. You buff DPS heroes like reaper, mei, mccree SO MUCH and it is ACTUALLY MIND BLOWINGLY SURPRISING that they haven’t gotten a SINGLE NERF in the past ENTIRE YEAR!!!

Why is DVA so weak?

For ages we have had the “cycle of Dva”, she is seen as too viable and with too much play time so gets nerfed, the nerf has minimal effect and she remains viable so she gets nerfed again but little changes, rinse and repeat.

Can DVA block Reinhardt ULT?

Defense Matrix will also block the following: Reinhardt’s Fire Strike. McCree’s Flashbang.

Can DVA eat hook?

The hook itself still passes through matrix just fine so you can hook dva in close. The split second stuff effect is still there as well so hog and still shoot dva before she can put up her matrix if she is the one who is hooked.

Can DVA block Junkrat ULT?

Yep! D.VA can completely block a Reaper ulti, provided she’s close enough. D.VA will destroy Tracer’s Pulse bomb.