How can I become Indra?

How can I become Indra?

Indra is a post as a demigod. He is a king of all demigod and also a king of heaven. One of qualifications for become a Indra is to perform 100 ashwamedh yagya.

Why Indra is not punished?

Indra is king of devtas of swarga. So indra is just the king of swarga, and hence he is not the king of Gods like Shankar and Vishnu. Shiva and Vishnu are above indra. And he(indra) was also punished every time he committed crimes.

Did ahilyabai kill her son?

Already trained to be a ruler, Ahilyabai petitioned the Peshwa after Malhar’s death, and the death of her son, to take over the administration herself. Some in Malwa objected to her assumption of rule, but the army of Holkar supported her leadership.

Who is the son of ahalya?


Why there is no temple for Indra?

In order to elevate Vishnu, Shiva, Shakti , naturally the status of Lord Brahma and Indra has to be degraded, without which Vishnu, Shiva, Shakti cannot be marketed as God/ of Gods. So all the Puranas were written inventing stories that show Lord Brahma and Indra in bad light and elevate Vishnu, Shiva, Shakti.

Why Indra is called Devraj?

Indra is called Devaraj because he is the king of gods or supreme God as per Vedas. Indra is known as the god of rains and thunderstorms, as rains were quite important during ancient time for growth of crops so Indra was given prime importance.

Why Dadhichi gave his bones?

Dadhichi, however, told them of what he had done and informed them that their weapons were now a part of his bones. Realizing that his bones were the only way by which the devas could defeat the asuras, he willingly gave his life in a pit of mystical flames that he summoned with the power of his austerities.

Which is most powerful weapon in Mahabharat?

It is thought that the Brahmashirsha astra is the evolution of the Brahmastra and is a secret infallible weapon creates by Lord Brahma 4 times stronger than Brahmastra. In the epic Mahabharata, it is said that the weapon manifest with the four heads of Lord Brahma as its tip.