How do you impress the Lord Mercury?

How do you impress the Lord Mercury?

The Remedies of Mercury associated with Daily lives and dressing style :

  1. Wearing green colored and the shades related to green color are considered auspicious and please the mercury.
  2. Please respect younger females, and other females of your family.
  3. Giving gifts and presents to your siblings is also considered good.

How can I improve my Mercury life?


  1. Give food to little girls or unmarried girls.
  2. If you give donation, then you must forget about it.
  3. Look at your face in oil, then ask God to take bad things out of you and then donate it.
  4. Every Wednesday, throw a copper coin in water.
  5. Take Brahmi.
  6. Eat Mattha (but not cold).
  7. Don’t ever keep a pet bird in cage.

How long is Mercury in Cancer?

Normally, Mercury hangs out in each sign for about 17 days. But on June 18, the planet of communication goes retrograde. As a result, it’ll stick around in Cancer until August 5, according to Narayana Montúfar, senior astrologer for and

Is Mercury lucky?

the Vedic personification of Mercury. Mercury is the ruler of the nerve forces and mental faculties. Mercury takes on the qualities of the planets with which it is in proximity and as such, it can be good, bad or lucky or unlucky.

How do I know if my Budh is weak?

Common Symptoms Of Unfavorable Mercury.

  1. If your daughter, sister and paternal aunt are not happy in their life.
  2. Regular failures in business.
  3. At the time of the birth, you suffered from jaundice for a very long period of time.
  4. If your childhood was spent in cough and cold.
  5. The problem in the nervous system.

What does Mercury stand for?

Planetary symbolism

Planet Roman deity Meaning (European)
Mercury Mercury God of messengers, travel, and/or commerce.
Venus Venus Goddess of romance and lust; Venus means “love” and/or “sexual desire.”
Mars Mars God of War
Ceres Ceres Goddess of the seasons; Demeter means “Daughter of the Harvest.”

Who rules Mercury?

Rulerships of signs

House Sign Domicile Ruling planet (ancient)
3rd Gemini Mercury
4th Cancer Moon
5th Leo Sun
6th Virgo Mercury

Does mercury rule the hands?

Mercury controls the nervous system, limbs, hands, and fingers. Mercury points to your dexterity and if you’re mechanically inclined. If a person has many signs in mercury their muscle memory in the hands is amazing. People with a lot of Mercury in their charts have good hands, as long as they are willing to learn.

What is a mercury fire?

Ardent, assertive and occasionally aggressive, Mercury Fire signs must be careful not to dominate the stage. Their grandiose conversation style can lead them to tell lies and embellish facts, if only to make a story more appealing.

Is Mercury a male?

The male planets are Sun, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn; Mercury and Uranus are neuter; Moon, Venus, Neptune, and Pluto are female (though Pluto is related to Mars despite its Dark Mother feminine archetype).

What is Mercury’s gender?

The root of mercurian is Mercury. Historically Mercury has been associated with non-binary genders. The symbol for Mercury (☿) is often used as a symbol for a third gender.

Which Graha is responsible for child?

Anyone of the planet (Mercury, Venus or Moon) present in the Ekadash gives the pleasure of a child. Also, if aries, taurus or cancer are in the fifth house then also the native will be blessed with a child.