How does Odysseus get past Scylla?

How does Odysseus get past Scylla?

When she spits it back up again, Odysseus let go and lands on its flotsam. The gods help him evade Scylla as he rows past her using his hands as oars. He drifts on the open sea for nine days before washing ashore the island of Ogygia, where Calypso rescues him.

Is Odysseus a good leader in Book 12?

Hover for more information. Odysseus demonstrates leadership in Book XII in several ways. Although Odysseus was intellectually prepared to surpass those obstacles, he had to prepare himself psychologically as well, always keeping in mind his responsibility to his crew and his ship, not just to himself.

Is Odysseus a strong leader?

Finally, Odysseus’s immense bravery proves that he is a strong leader. Despite his treacherous, long journey, Odysseus never gives up in the face of fear, which lifts the confidence of the whole crew. Additionally, because Odysseus conquers every man he encounters with ease, he protects his men.

What happens when Odysseus reaches the island of the sun god Helios?

Odysseus men slaughter the sun gods herd and Odysseus’s men are punished. What happens when Odysseus and his men reach the island of the sun god? They do so one afternoon as Odysseus sleeps; when the Sun finds out, he asks Zeus to punish Odysseus and his men.

Is Odysseus a hero in Book 12?

Throughout Book 12 Odysseus uses his Homeric Hero traits to help him on his journey home. Using these traits he will be able to regain his kingdom using intelligence, his ability to make important decisions, using his superhuman strength, and receiving help from the immortal gods.

Is Odysseus a good leader in Book 11?

Hover for more information. Odysseus is a good leader because he is willing to keep his eyes on the goal no matter what. He does not allow himself to be seduced or distracted from his course perpetually, whether he is on Calypso’s island or tempted by the song of the sirens. He takes his responsibilities seriously.

What mistake does Odysseus make in Book 12?

Odysseus makes the mistake of telling Polyphemus his real name and he makes the mistake of taunting the cyclops. The result of the taunting conducted by Odysseus was rocks being hurled his way by Polyphemus.

How is Odysseus ship destroyed?

While on Helios’ island, Odysseus’ men defied orders and ate the sacred cattle of Helios. As punishment, Zeus hit Odysseus’ ship with a lightning bolt. The ship was destroyed; only Odysseus survived.