How long does it take to build workshop COC?

How long does it take to build workshop COC?


Level Cost Build Time
1 7,500,000 6 days
2 9,000,000 8 days
3 10,500,000 10 days
4 14,500,000 14 days

What is the max level of workshop in TH12?

level 12

Can I use my own siege machine COC?

You cannot put your own troops in Siege Machines. Just donated troops are in the machines.

Where does Wall wrecker go if the is destroyed?

If you deploy the Wall Wrecker on a village where the Town Hall has already been destroyed, the Siege Machine will still move towards the Town Hall. Once it gets there it will automatically break and release the Clan Castle troops.

How much do Wall wreckers cost?

Wall Wrecker Cost

Wall Wrecker Level Train Cost Research Cost
1 100,000 N/A
2 100,000 6,000,000
3 100,000 8,000,000

Do walls do damage clash of clans?

Walls are the main fortification for defense and are capable of withstanding a great deal of damage from attacking enemies.

Are Wall Breakers worth upgrading?

Definitely upgrade wall breakers any chance you get, they become extremely helpful when raiding. I usually upgrade my wall breakers after my archers, barbarians, giants and goblins have been upgraded.

Does Heal spell work on Wall wrecker?

The Wall Wrecker is the first Siege Machine you unlock, available as soon as the Workshop is completed. As a Siege Machine, it cannot be affected by spells placed by the player. The Wall Wrecker cannot also be healed by the Healer.

What is the max heal spell level?


Is heal spell getting removed?

Clash Royale checks both of those boxes, and for the game’s 10th season, developer Supercell is removing a card to make room for another. Heal Spell, which debuted in 2017, will no longer be in decks in a few days.

Does Heal spell work on electro dragon?

2 Answers. Yes, while a healer will only heal ground units, heal spells will effect both flying and ground units provided they are not being damaged by an inferno tower as infernos towers block healing effects. It should heal your dragon even if something is attacking him.