How many hearts can you get Hades?

How many hearts can you get Hades?

The Codex also serves as a reference of how many bottles of Nectar and Ambrosia have been gifted to certain characters, via a row of hearts in the top right corner of their entries. There are ten hearts in total, but for most characters, the highest heart levels are currently locked and unavailable.

How do I get Sisyphus companion Hades?

You can help Hades Wiki by expanding it. Companion Shady is obtained by reaching a high level of trust with Sisyphus, and then gifting him Ambrosia. , before disappearing….Additional notes.

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Companions Companion Battie • Companion Fidi • Companion Mort • Companion Rib • Companion Shady • Companion Antos

How do I talk to Bouldy in Hades?

You need to start giving him Nectar. When he is maxed out just keep running into him to talk. In a conversation Zagreus will talk about his sentence. Then you have to talk to Hades and the contract will appear in the House Contractor.

Is there any point in giving Bouldy nectar?

Is there a point to giving Bouldy Nectar after Nectar or is the little buff all there is to it? It gives you a boon every time you give nectar.

What happens if you give nectar to Hades?

Nectar is one of several Artifact currencies that can be rarely found within the Underworld. It is preserved after dying in the Underworld. It can be given to characters as a gift to improve your affinity with them. Completing said quest and then gifting the character an Ambrosia will unlock a Companion as a reward.

Does Bouldy do anything Hades?

Bouldy is Sisyphus’ boulder and constant companion. As his punishment for cheating death, Sisyphus is forced to push Bouldy up a hill constantly, only to have him roll back to the bottom, repeating this process for eternity….

Affiliation Boulder
Voice None (presumably)

When can I give Hades nectar?

During the story, players can give Hades a nectar but he won’t accept any more than that one. It isn’t until the player has completed 10 successful escape attempts that the story will be complete and Hades can be gifted more Nectar.

What do I do with Titan blood Hades?

The main method of obtaining Titan Blood is as a bounty for successful boss battles, and the main use of Titan Blood is unlocking and upgrading the different Aspects of your weapons.