How much does Sun God cost?

How much does Sun God cost?

It costs $14025 on Easy, $16500 on Medium, $17820 on Hard and $19800 on Impoppable in BTD5, and $17000 on Easy, $20000 on Medium and $21600 on Hard in BTD4.

Can True Sun God see camo?

Its hypersonic sun energy blasts now pop 15 layers per hit, excluding additional benefits provided from sacrifices. The True Sun God still cannot detect Camo Bloons without Ultravision or external camo detection, despite how powerful this upgrade is.

Can temple of the monkey god see camo?

The Temple of the Monkey God can be unlocked once the user reaches Rank 32 and when the player gets enough XP after the Robo Monkey is unlocked. The Temple can attack Camo Bloons regardless of upgrades or sacrifices. It is also best to place the Temple in a place where its huge range would not be wasted.

Can Super Monkey hit camo?

Despite being the most powerful tower, the Super Monkey cannot pop Lead Bloons or detect Camo Bloons without any aid from upgrades, towers, and/or Speciality Buildings. However, in Bloons TD 6, the new Ultravision upgrade allows the Super Monkey to hit Camo Bloons.

What is the most powerful monkey in btd6?

Super Monkey

What is the best Super Monkey upgrade?

PATH 1 TIER-5 SUPER MONKEY – TRUE SUN GOD. By far the most powerful upgrade path for a Super Monkey is the True Sun God, however, it does come with a great amount of sacrifice that players must make in order to fully empower the True Sun God with it’s full damage capabilities.

What can kill lead Bloons?

Since lead bloons move very slow, the ice towers will be able to freeze them and prevent any from leak through, the bloons will then be snap freeze into nothing. This is a rather cheap way of killing leads effectively. In Bloons Monkey City, if the highest bloon type is Lead Bloons, then set a Bomb Shooter to Strong.

Why is round 63 so hard?

Blade malstrom can hit all of them at a time. Anything with the ability to hit all of them at a time is great, or anything with a lot of pierce will do well. So, the reason you die is because round 63 has MANY tightly packed ceramics. These overwhelm a lot of defenses that look solid.

Can sniper monkeys pop purple?

Purple bloons can’t be popped with fire and energy based attacks unless you use Monkey Intelligence Bureau from monkey village.

Is sniper monkey good?

By far the Cripple MOAB Sniper Monkey provides the best stunning capabilities for MOAB-class bloons as the attack is global while other towers will only be able to stun when the MOAB is in range.