Is cooking an extracurricular activity?

Is cooking an extracurricular activity?

Cooking? Everyone cooks. However, if you run your own catering business, or are part of the cooking staff of a restaurant, or even better, assist in preparing food at a Homeless Shelter, then THAT is a great extracurricular activity. Otherwise, merely cooking, is a hobby, and everyone has a hobby.

Is playing piano an extracurricular activity?

Yes, it can be helpful. If you play the piano as a hobby, you can list that as one of your extracurricular activities and this will indicate a facet of your personality.

Do colleges care if you play an instrument?

Playing an instrument is inherently no more or less helpful in college admissions than any other extracurricular hobby. Engaging in a variety of hobbies is, itself, generally viewed positively. Being nationally or internationally competitive in any specific activity is sure to garner positive attention.

Is babysitting an extracurricular activity?

Yes, babysitting is an extracurricular activity because it is not a high school class.