Is it easy to move to Greenland?

Is it easy to move to Greenland?

Greenland has a harsh climate; there are few jobs, and even few jobs that pay well. Living expenses are high, because almost nothing edible grows there. The two languages are almost impossible for outsiders to learn: The native language of Greenland is a mix of an Inuit dialect and Danish.

Do I need visa to Greenland?

Visas are not required for trips to Greenland.

What is the best time to go to Greenland?


What clothes to take to Greenland?

In addition to your regular clothes, we recommend:

  • Good winter boots (Sorel is good for Greenlandic conditions)
  • Good warm winter jacket.
  • Good warm outer pants.
  • Thermal underwear.
  • Jogging pants / leggings to wear under the outer pants.
  • Fleece jacket to wear under winter jacket.
  • Neck warmer / scarf.

What is the temperature of Greenland by month?

Climate Change in Greenland

Average Monthly Temperature, Rainfall, and Daylight Hours
September 43 F 3.5 inches
October 35 F 2.6 inches
November 30 F 2.9 inches
December 26 F 2.1 inches

Is there a ferry from Iceland to Greenland?

Is there a ferry between Iceland and Greenland? There are no ferries to Greenland from other countries. The only way to arrive in Greenland by ship is to take a trans-atlantic cruise that incorporates Greenland. Within Greenland, Sarfaq Ittuk is the only passenger ferry.

Are Greenland and Iceland similar?

Both Iceland and Greenland are located in the Atlantic Ocean, about half-way between Europe and North America. However, Iceland lies just under the Arctic circle, while a big part of Greenland stretches several thousand kilometers further north.

Why is Greenland so cold?

Its northerly location, at the point where the Atlantic meets the Arctic Ocean, means that Greenland is surrounded principally by cold ocean currents, so the coasts are constantly being cooled. This, combined with the radiation of cold from the inland ice, gives Greenland its arctic climate.

Is Greenland colder than Norway?

Answer. Answer: The Warm Gulf Stream passes to the East of Greenland and heads East to Norway delivering some of its heat to Norway. Greenland however gets the westerly winds blowing straight from the Arctic circle!