Is Upper Antelope Canyon worth it?

Is Upper Antelope Canyon worth it?

Upper Canyon is more expensive one, being the tall and narrow one. We opted to skip the Lower Canyon to avoid another annoying tour experience but by all accounts I’ve seen it is worth the money to visit (and it also is fine to see it outside of when the sun is high because the canyon lets in a lot more light).

Can you do Antelope Canyon and Horseshoe Bend in one day?

Don’t worry — you can experience some of the most breathtaking sights that the American Southwest has to offer by visiting Antelope Canyon and Horseshoe Bend in a single day.

How much time do I need at Horseshoe Bend?

HORSESHOE BEND FROM THE GRAND CANYON There is a 130 miles distance between the Grand Canyon and Horseshoe Bend, which takes about two and a half hours. You can visit whichever you prefer first, but I highly recommend including these two wonders in your West Coast trip.

Can I go to Horseshoe Bend without a guide?

over a year ago. No not necessary to take a tour, if you have a car, it is an easy drive from Page, there is a carpark a short drive from the highway, then probably about a 15 minute walk to the actually horseshoe bend. No, you can see horseshoe bend travelling independently.

Can you see Horseshoe Bend without hiking?

“The Horseshoe Bend overlook is a short but challenging hike in the direct sunlight (no shade), and no barriers at the edge, so caution is advised especially with youngsters or those with height issues.” First off, the trail to Horseshoe Bend is relatively short, a little more than half a mile (0.6 mi) each way.

How deep is the water in Horseshoe Bend?

1,000 ft

How do you get to Horseshoe Bend without paying?

They go to the overlook via private land holdings on the Navajo Reservation where the walk is only 200 yards and the view is just as good. This is the only section of the Horseshoe Bend overlook with a fence preventing visitors from getting close to the edge. Most of it is barrier free.