What animals are endangered in the Congo rainforest?

What animals are endangered in the Congo rainforest?

Many endangered species, including forest elephants, chimpanzees, bonobos and lowland and mountain gorillas live here.

  • Chimpanzee.
  • Cross River Gorilla.
  • Mountain Gorilla.
  • African Elephant.
  • Forest Elephant.
  • Western Lowland Gorilla.
  • Gorilla.
  • Eastern Lowland Gorilla.

Is there water in Congo?

The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) has over 50% of the African continent’s water reserves but despite this tremendous potential, 33 million people in rural areas still lack access to quality water.

Why is water important for the people of Democratic Republic of the Congo?

The DRC is the most water-rich country in Africa. It accounts for approximately 52 percent of Africa’s surface water reserves and 23 percent of Africa’s internal renewable water resources. The internal renewable freshwater resources per capita were estimated at 14,406 m3/person/year in 2008.

Why is the Congo River important?

The Congo is an important navigational system in Africa. In the Democratic Republic of the Congo only the section from Ilebo to Kinshasa is still important, because it constitutes the river link (the other link being a railway between Kinshasa and Matadi) used to transport the copper production of Katanga to the coast.

What caused the water crisis in Ethiopia?

Several additional factors have made Ethiopia’s water crisis worse. The lack of water and sanitation has created and spread food shortages and famine across the country, forced children to seek clean water over attending school, and water-borne illnesses have claimed many lives.

Does Congo have access to clean water?

An estimated 51 million people in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) – or three quarters of the population – have no access to safe drinking water, even though the country holds over half of Africa’s water reserves, the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) said in a new study released today.

How safe is the DRC?

Country Summary: Violent crime, such as armed robbery, armed home invasion, and assault, is common and local police lack resources to respond effectively to serious crime. Assailants may pose as police or security agents. Demonstrations are common in many cities and some have turned violent.

What type of transport system does Democratic Republic of the Congo have?

Transport in the Republic of the Congo includes land, air and water transportation. The country’s rail system was built by forced laborers during the 1930s and largely remains in operation. There are also over 1,000 km of paved roads and two major international airports (Maya-Maya Airport and Pointe Noire Airport).

Why is Democratic Republic of Congo so poor?

Instability from years of wars and political upheaval is one of the most significant causes of poverty in the DRC, while poverty and youth unemployment has ignited conflicts. The war over raw materials in the Congo kills an estimated 10,000 civilians a month.

Why is Congo transport system so poor?

The terrain and climate of the Congo Basin present serious barriers to road and rail construction, and the distances are enormous across this vast country. Furthermore, chronic economic mismanagement and internal conflict has led to serious under-investment over many years.

Why is River Congo known as the highway?

River Congo is Known as Highway of central Africa because entire river is readily navigable . Much of the trade of central Africa passes through it. Where there are no railways or roads river Congo acts as a life line.

Which means of transport would you use to travel on the highway of Central Africa?

Explanation: Cars and Bikes are a good mode of transport while traveling on the highways it is not only used in central Africa for traveling on the Highways.

Where is Central Africa?

The Central African Republic is a landlocked nation within the interior of the African continent. It is bordered by Cameroon, Chad, Sudan, South Sudan, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and the Republic of the Congo. The country lies between latitudes 2° and 11°N, and longitudes 14° and 28°E.

Which country is called Central Africa?

The African Development Bank defines Central Africa as Cameroon, the Central African Republic, Chad, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the Republic of the Congo, Equatorial Guinea, and Gabon….List of Central African countries.

Region Country
Central Africa Angola
Central African Republic

Is Nigeria part of Central Africa?

Nigeria’s economic linkages further reinforce the point that the country is as much a Central African as it is a West African country. UNCTAD’s recent report on intra-African trade show that all thirteen countries that count Nigeria as among their top five export partners are West and Central African states (pg.

How many country are there in African?