What are 3 characteristics of the nun in Canterbury Tales?

What are 3 characteristics of the nun in Canterbury Tales?

A) modest, quiet, charitable and compassionate.

What is the parson’s main characteristic?

The only devout churchman in the company, the Parson lives in poverty, but is rich in holy thoughts and deeds. The pastor of a sizable town, he preaches the Gospel and makes sure to practice what he preaches. He is everything that the Monk, the Friar, and the Pardoner are not.

What is the parson’s motto?

He lived by the motto, “If gold rusts, what would iron do?” by which he meant, “The priest must live a holy life if he expects ordinary people to live holy lives; all hope is lost if he turns out to be corrupt.” It’s a shame whenever you see a filthy shepherd watching over clean sheep, which is why priests should live …

Which characters does Chaucer most admire?

There is no doubt Chaucer likes the Knight, the Oxford Cleric, and the Parson. There are others he admires in some ways, but he is completely favorable in his descriptions of these three.

What is the moral message of the Pardoner’s Tale?

The overt moral lesson in “The Pardoner’s Tale” is that greed is the root of all evil, as it is explicitly stated by the pardoner. In addition, gluttony, drunkeness, gambling and swearing are each discussed in the “Prologue to the Pardoner’s Tale” as moral vices to be avoided.

What is the purpose of Chaucer General Prologue?

The purpose of the prologue is to give readers a general overview of the characters that are present, why they are present there, and what they will be doing. The narrator begins by telling us how it is the season in which people are getting ready to make a pilgrimage to Canterbury.

Why did Chaucer choose this kind of man for a narrator?

Chaucer chose this kind of man because it allowed him to narrate and present each of the pilgrims’ stories in a different way depending.

Which pilgrim would most likely give absolution to a character in The Canterbury Tales?

A. This is because Friar forgives people for their sins.

How is the nun described in The Canterbury Tales?

In the character of the Nun, Chaucer describes a woman who should be concerned with charity and prayer, but instead has the air of a lady. With her courtly manners and false sentiment, the Nun is more concerned with appearances than anything else.

What do you know of the Prologue to the Canterbury Tales?

The narrator opens the General Prologue with a description of the return of spring. He describes the April rains, the burgeoning flowers and leaves, and the chirping birds. The travelers were a diverse group who, like the narrator, were on their way to Canterbury. They happily agreed to let him join them.