What does gold mean in slang?

What does gold mean in slang?

meaning slang. I often hear the word gold as a slang to describe something great such as “last night’s party was gold” or “that movie was gold” etc.

How do you describe gold?

Here are some adjectives for gold: non-existent and impossible, other tawny, maroon and old, brown and old, unevenly milled, curious, metallic, special deluxe, old-fashioned industrial, blue and old, pure, yellow, purest and most transparent, graceful opaque, indefinable and celestial, new, sumptuous, windswept and …

What do rappers call jewelry?

But, where did the popular slang word come from? The word ‘bling’ originated from the hip-hop song, Friends by Tupac Shakur. Another famous hip-hop term used today is, bling-bling. This term is used to refer to the over-the-top jewellery of an individual, showing off their wealth.

What wearing a chain means?


What does chains emoji mean?

Chains emoji is used in many versatile situations. It can be used to express a tool or pully system in ? Construction. It can also be used during ? Halloween to epmhasize the spooky scary ? Fun of the holiday with a ? Jack-O-Lantern emoji.

How do you sext Emoji?

Here are a few ideas to start you off, but if you get creative, the possibilities are endless!

  1. OK Hand + Pointed Finger.
  2. Banana + Donut.
  3. Tongue + Taco + Sweat Droplets.
  4. Lips + Eggplant + Fireworks.
  5. Waving Hand + Peach + Smiling Face with Horns.
  6. Admission Ticket + Woman Dancing + Eyes.

What does this emoji mean ⛓?

?Meaning and Description ⛓ These are two silver chains. It also contains the meaning of connection and relationship. The meaning of emoji symbol ⛓ is chains, it is related to chain, it can be found in emoji category: “⌚ Objects” – “⛏️ tool”.

What does linked paperclip emoji mean?

Linked Paperclips emoji is the picture of several pieces of office stationery represented by ? Paperclip emoji, which are attached together in a form of a chain. The main meaning of this picture is related to office work and the boredom some people feel during their working hours.