What does habilitation mean?

What does habilitation mean?

Habilitation refers to a process aimed at helping disabled people attain, keep or improve skills and functioning for daily living; its services include physical, occupational, and speech-language therapy, various treatments related to pain management, and audiology and other services that are offered in both hospital …

What does a habilitation specialist do?

Habilitation Specialists provide support to disabled clients and help them live independently. Essential job duties of a Habilitation Specialist are designing and executing rehabilitation programs, hiring and training staff, conducting client assessments, and creating personalized treatment plans.

What is a community habilitation worker?

Community Habilitation Worker. Summary Assists in providing care to individuals with developmental disabilities based on their individualized service plans and valued outcomes by performing the following duties.

What is habilitation training?

1. What is habilitation? Habilitation involves one-to-one training for children and young people with a vision impairment. Starting from their existing skills, it aims to develop their personal mobility, navigation and independent living skills.