What does sundered mean?

What does sundered mean?

transitive verb. : to break apart or in two : separate by or as if by violence or by intervening time or space. intransitive verb.

What is Sunder Dai?

Sunder When Hit. The chance per enemy attack on the character that the attack inflicts a sunder effect on the enemy. The effect lasts a few seconds. Sunder reduces the target’s armor.

What does Saundering mean?

verb (intr) to walk in a casual manner; stroll.

What is the female version of swagger?


Is Swagger an offensive term?

‘ We might blame this corrupted connotation on the exhaustive superfluities of rapping that have incorrectly and ignorantly applied the term in a vulgar manner. The term swag, or swagger, which is its correct term, has absolutely nothing to do with its current idiotic urban use.

What’s the difference between swag and swagger?

As verbs the difference between swagger and swag is that swagger is to walk with a swaying motion; hence, to walk and act in a pompous, consequential manner while swag is (intransitive|and|transitive) to sway; to cause to sway or swag can be (australia) to travel on foot carrying a swag (possessions tied in a blanket).

What is walk with a swagger?

Swaggering is an ostentatious style of walking affected by someone wishing to assert their dominance. The feet will be kept apart rather than following each other in line and the more swaggering the gait, the greater the lateral distance between them.

What does it mean when a guy has swag?

According to the very reliable, extremely trustworthy website Urban Dictionary swag can be defined as: “apperance ,style ,or the way he or she presents them selves.” Going by this definition, one must assume that swag only relates to the appearance or the overall presentation of a most likely unemployed person.

What does swag mean in the 60s?

Secretly We Are Gay

Who made up swag?

Used first (arguably) by American rapper Jay-Z in 2003, swag – clipped from swagger (swagga in hip hop), meaning “bold self-assurance, style, attitude, cool” – became hip hop artists’ most desired trait through the late 2000s.

Why is swag called swag?

The word Swag is actually an acronym for “Stuff We All Get”, originated from the .com years where companies used these give-away items as promotional mechanisms. An alternative implying highly desirable give-aways not given to all attendees is “Stuff We Ain’t Got.” Swag can also stand for “Stolen While At Google”.