What food did the rich eat in Elizabethan era?

What food did the rich eat in Elizabethan era?

The diet in England during the Elizabethan era (1558–1603) depended largely on social class. The rich ate meat and white bread, the poor ate dark bread. Everyone drank beer as water was often too impure to drink. Fruits and vegetables were rarely eaten.

What did rich people eat for breakfast in the 1700s?

For most people, breakfast consisted of bread, cornmeal mush and milk, or bread and milk together, and tea. Even the gentry might eat modestly in the morning, although they could afford meat or fish…

How did they preserve food in the 1700s?

Salting was the most common way to preserve virtually any type of meat or fish, as it drew out the moisture and killed the bacteria. Vegetables might be preserved with dry salt, as well, though pickling was more common. Salt was also used in conjunction with other methods of preservation, such as drying and smoking.

Why is guava so expensive?

Unfortunately, fresh fruits, including guavas, are not always available in many places, and if they are, they would be expensive to buy. This is especially true for guavas, considering that they are only grown in tropical and sub-tropical regions, making them scarce in other parts of the world.

What is the season for guava?

Guavas are harvested throughout the year (except during May and June) in one or the other region of the country. However, peak harvesting periods in north India are August for rainy season crop, November- December for winter season crop and March-April for spring season crop.

What does guava taste like?

The whole fruit is edible and tastes fruity and slightly floral, like a cross between a strawberry and a pear.

Can you buy guava in the US?

Guava juice is frequently available in co-ops and natural foods stores, and can be ordered in cartons online (though it’s not cheap). You might also find it in the ethnic aisles in big-box groceries.