What happens in the Canterbury Tales prologue?

What happens in the Canterbury Tales prologue?

The narrator opens the General Prologue with a description of the return of spring. He describes the April rains, the burgeoning flowers and leaves, and the chirping birds. The travelers were a diverse group who, like the narrator, were on their way to Canterbury. They happily agreed to let him join them.

Who is speaking in the Canterbury Tales prologue?


Is The Canterbury Tales a poem or prose?

Genre within The Canterbury Tales The majority of The Canterbury Tales is written in verse and small sections of it are written in prose, but it is worth taking note that within those two distinctions, Chaucer wrote tales in a wide range of genres to match the social status or occupation of the character telling them.

Who dies in the Canterbury Tales?

Theseus apprehends them and arranges a tournament between the two knights and their allies, with Emelye as the prize. Arcite wins, but he is accidentally thrown from his horse and dies.

Why are the 3 rioters looking for death?

Why are the three rioters looking for Death? They are looking for Death because a boy told them it was death who killed the person in the coffin and other people in town. They expect to find Death sitting there under the tree, but instead they find treasure.

Why do the three youths decide to find death and kill him?

Why do the three youths decide to find Death and kill him? The young men hear that an old friend of theirs had been killed by Death. Emboldened by anger and alcohol, they decide to go out and find Death, to kill him.

What are the four vices that the three youths commit?

What are four vices that the Flemish youths commit, according to the Pardoner’s sermon at the beginning of his tale? The four vices are gluttony, gambling, intoxication, and swearing.

Why is it ironic that the rioters vow to kill death?

Why is it ironic that the rioters vow as brothers to kill death? Would you Categorize the irony is verbal or situational? They are planning to kill the supernatural force that will be their Actual doom. This irony is situational.

What power did a Pardoner have?

The Pardoner is a representative of the Church who’s authorized to go around selling relics and pardons for forgiveness of sin. Although Pardoners were allowed to keep a portion of their receipts, our guy has taken it to a whole new level.