What is a synonym for Shadoof?

What is a synonym for Shadoof?

shadoof(noun) Synonyms: picottah, dhenkli, swape, counterpoise-lift.

What is a synonym for prow?

In this page you can discover 8 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for prow, like: head, bow, stem, bowsprit, fore, jetty, breakwater and parapet.

What word is similar to Conquistador?


  • conquistador.
  • defeater.
  • hero.
  • subduer.
  • subjugator.
  • vanquisher.
  • victor.
  • winner.

What is the antonym of Maya?

There are no categorical antonyms for this word. However, in the sense of the Mayan people, one could loosely use the name of any peoples from other locales as antonyms, e.g., Basque, Zulu, Arab, etc.

What is a synonym for Maya?

noun. Synonyms. Kekchi Quiche Mayan language Cakchiquel American Indian American-Indian language Mayan Indian Mam Yucateco Amerindian language Yucatec Amerind.

What does it mean to ambush someone?

: to attack (someone or something) by surprise from a hidden place. ambush. noun. English Language Learners Definition of ambush (Entry 2 of 2) : an act of hiding, waiting for others to appear, and then suddenly attacking them : a surprise attack.

What is coattail ambushing?

Coattail ambushing is all about advertising a brand and products by sponsoring an individual or related event without obtaining an official sponsorship of the main even or larger event. Reebok was the official sponsor of the Atlanta Olympic.

What is incidental ambushing?

1. Unintentional ambushing: when the consumers incorrectly identifies a non-sponsoring company as an official sponsor due to its previous association or due expectation of association with the event.

What is predatory ambushing?

Predatory ambushing refers to marketing that attacks a competitor’s sponsorship of an event, athlete, or organization, while simultaneously confusing consumers over which company is the official sponsor. The campaign employed by AMEX against VISA during the 1994 winter games is an example of predatory ambushing.

What is sponsorship clutter?

Clutter is the result of too many brands within the same property. Clutter has a negative impact on consumer recall because the brand is lost in a sea of other stimuli. Sponsorship professionals often refer to it as a “Christmas tree” or a “pizza”.

What is athlete ambush?

Ambush marketing is when a brand tries to ride on the coat-tails of big event, usually sports related, without incurring the huge costs of being an official sponsor. The worldwide appeal generated by high-profile sporting events can prove irresistible for many brands.