What is mural used for?

What is mural used for?

MURAL is a virtual tool that enables innovative teams to collaborate visually and brainstorm solutions to their problems or challenges. Being able to create simple but comprehensive diagrams and throw ideas down in a virtual, collaborative space are some of the top reasons innovative teams cite loving this tool.

Does mural have video conferencing?

Running remote meetings are great, but often we still like to see our colleagues. At MURAL we use Zoom to combine the visual aspect of a MURAL canvas, with seeing and hearing our teammates. Other video chat tools are of course available, but this solution works for us.

What is Miro best for?

As a simple whiteboard, it’s good enough for live syncs in any distributed team. At the same time, it has a growing library of add-ons for collaboration, visualization and planning. This makes Miro the perfect product for Agile coaches, UX researchers, product managers and many others.

Does mural have an API?

API keys are never stored in MURAL systems. By not storing API keys in our systems, we are providing the highest level of security to Company Administrators and Enterprise Network customers. There is no risk of anyone accessing your API keys through MURAL.

How much does Miro cost?

Miro Pricing

Name Price
Free Forever – Not A Trial $0
TEAM $8 per user per month (billed annually)
BUSINESS $16 per user per month (billed annually)
ENTERPRISE Custom pricing. Proposal upon request.

How many people can join a Miro?

Plans and Features Available

Features \ Plans Free Business
Collaboration & Sharing
Number of editable boards 3
Number of team members 1+ 20+
Number of people who can view public boards

Is Miro free forever?

Miro is a hub for your team, where you can visualize, share and collect ideas. You can use Miro Free Plan as long as you want, with as many people as you need!

Do you need an account to use Miro?

Meet the simplest way to invite anonymous Guest Editors – now even users without a Miro profile can contribute to your work on boards free of charge! Once you make a board accessible for anonymous Guest Editors, anyone with the board link can immediately start editing the board content.

Can you view a Miro board without an account?

Sharing boards via a public link You can choose between view, comment, and edit access (based on your subscription plan and settings). Copy board link and share it with whoever you want to give access. People who follow your link won’t need to register with Miro to access the board.

What does Miro mean?

peace, world

Is Miro free for students?

For students, you can use Miro for free as long as you qualify for the license.

How can students use Miro?

There isn’t a lot of prep work you need to do to start using Miro, but here are some initial steps I recommend.

  1. Sign up with your . edu email account.
  2. Keep separate boards for different classes.
  3. Encourage your students to sign up.
  4. Start playing with Miro right away.
  5. Install Miro within Slack.
  6. Integrate some apps.

Is Miro safe to use?

Yes, regardless of which Miro plan rest assured your data is securely managed and held. With TLS 1.2 or higher for transit and AES 256 at rest, in compliance with GDPR and CCPA standards, your data is secured to the highest levels at no additional cost.

Who can see my Miro board?

By default, all newly created boards are set as private and can only be visible to their owner. Team admins can adjust new boards’ status based on the team’s workflow by going to your Account Settings > Permissions > Sharing Settings section.