What level should I be for Mount Olympus?

What level should I be for Mount Olympus?

Level 30

Is Mount Olympus free Wizard101?

Mount Olympus | Wizard101 Free Online Games.

Can you solo Mount Olympus wizard101?

mount olympus is designed to be completed by a full team of level 30 wizards. it’s extremely difficult to solo if you’re in that range so i wouldn’t recommend doing that until 45 or so. If you have a couple of level 40+ and a smart team, you can even take on the Gladiator (secret boss, intended for level 90).

Can you Respawn Zeus wizard101?

Re: Hades and Zeus Respawn Guide First it is the hades gear you want so re spawning Zeus makes no sense at all.So kill hades only then have someone flee. Second a disclaimer:While you will get “potential” extra drops, if you are the one to flee to make the re spawn happen. There will be no extra gear for you.

When should you do Mount Olympus wizard101?

If you intend on soloing the dungeon, you can probably do so when you get to a Master Level (level 40). Using enchanted and bladed hummongfrogs can work for the most part but you will have to use a combination of both frog and minotaur for the final boss.

Where are the bronze eagles in wizard101?

Mount Olympus

How much health does Cyrus Drake have?

Creature:Cyrus Drake

View Drops ⧨
Health 4,000
Classification Wizard
Battle Statistics

What world do you fight Malistaire in?


What world is Malistaire in?

Malistaire Drake is the former Professor of the School of Death at Ravenwood, and the last Boss you face in the Dragonspyre Storyline. After the death of his beloved wife, Sylvia, he left Ravenwood to pursue mysterious desires of his own.

Can you solo xibalba?

Re: On soloing Xibalba One needs to stay focused even in simpler-looking fights – yes, you can win, but you will not win on auto-pilot.

Does Malistaire the undying cheat?

When Malistaire the Undying (Shadow) is defeated, he will respawn as Haunted Malistaire†….Creature:Malistaire the Undying (Shadow)

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Health 24,000
Classification Undead
Cheats Yes

How do I get Malistaire gear?

Malistaire the Undying Although gear is dropped throughout the different dungeons of Darkmoor, the Graveyard is the most popular place to farm, as Malistaire drops the top tier of items. To access Darkmoor, take the portal at the back of Nightside.

Does Darkmoor have a chest?

This Locked Chest is found in the Castle Darkmoor (Dungeon) instance in Castle Darkmoor. The Chest’s room is located within the stairway leading to the Observatory following the fight with Sir Blackwater.

What level is Darkmoor?

Wizards enter Castle Darkmoor during the quest Dead Leaves. The lead-in quest, Branches of Woe, is offered by Dworgyn at level 100. There are 3 instances in Castle Darkmoor: Castle Darkmoor (Dungeon)

How long does it take to complete Darkmoor?

Darkmoor consists of three dungeons. First, Castle Darkmoor, then The Upper Halls, and finally The Graveyard. 3495 Crowns will purchase this area permanently, and 495 can get it for 6 hours. Start to finish, all 3 dungeons could be done in just under 2 hours if the strategy goes as planned.

Is Darkmoor a side quest?

Quest Information This is a side quest.

Can you trap Malistaire the undying?

Update: Kane confirmed that Malistaire undying can be taken down with traps except feint. Malistaire mainly uses shadow spells and there really no way to defend against them and they hit hard.

How do you unlock the castle in Darkmoor?

Darkmoor is the last of the four dungeons added in the previous update and the only requirement to get there is being level 100. Good luck on your Darkmoor drops when you are there.

What world is Darkmoor in?

Primary terrain. Darkmoor was a world in the Spiral. It was home to the famed Castle Darkmoor.

How do you defeat the spirit of Darkmoor?

Strategy: Treat the Spirit of Darkmoor as a normal boss, but if you will be buffing frequently with traps you may wish to pack myth shields for yourself. Alternatively, you may wish to put on myth resist gear for this battle. Trap before you blade.

What level do you get Glowbug squall?


Cost To Cast 5 + 1 Shadow Pip
Accuracy 70%
Effect 1120 damage to all enemies + remove all positive charms from all enemies
Level Requirement 100 (Complete Darkmoor Upper Halls)

Does Mystic colossus remove traps?

Level 100 Enhanced Myth Spell: Mystic Colossus Like Earthquake, this spell will also remove traps, but, again like Earthquake, it only removes shields and traps after the damage is done. It’s an AoE. It’s definitely a very recognizable spell with its background.

Where do you get shadow spells in wizard101?

Shadow Magic is learned from Sofia DarkSide, a wise mouse mage located in the Eclipse Tower in Moon Cliffs. You will only be able to access her after you have completed the quest “Touching Shadow” and after you defeat her, she will teach you Shadow Magic.

Where is Sofia DarkSide in wizard101?

Creature:Sofia DarkSide

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Minion Arkyn MoonBlade, Dread Paladin, and Dread Paladin
Khrysalis Moon Cliffs – Eclipse Tower (Left)