What social statement does Chaucer argue about love?

What social statement does Chaucer argue about love?

In his work The Canterbury Tales, Geoffrey Chaucer suggests that humans can never fully understand love because we do not have a capacity to control it, and will only complicate it with relationships and other desires.

What is the Wife of Bath’s view of love?

When the Wife of Bath first uses the word love, she really means sex. Her success at this means that by the time she meets Jankyn, the Wife is wealthy woman who has bartered love and sex for money on numerous occasions. Consequently, she is able to marry a penniless scholar like Jankyn.

What are two arguments that the old woman uses in response to the Knight’s complaint?

Answer Expert Verified she told the knight about a situation where he had to choose between a wife who is poor, old, and ugly but very loyal to him or a wife that is young, rich , and fair but always cheating behind his back.

What payment for her help does the old woman demand and what is the Knight’s response?

What payment for the old woman’s help, does she demand? What is the Knight’s response? SHE DEMANDS FOR HIM TO MARRY HER.

What question does the queen ask the knight?

English 12 – Canterbury Tales – The Wife of Bath’s Tale

Who asks for mercy for the Knight? the queen
What question doe sthe Queen ask of the knight? “find out what women want most to be happy”
How long does the Knight have to find the answer to the Queen’s question? 1 year and a day

What is a knight upset?

The knight disagrees and does not want to go with the marriage. But he is forced by the Queen as the old hag made a petition for marriage. What tortures the knight the most about the old woman? What tortures him the most is that the Old hag is so ugly and he doesn’t want to be with her for the rest of his life.

What choices does the Knight’s wife give him?

What choice does the knight’s wife give him? She says he can choose to have her old, ugly, but loyal until she dies or he can have her young and pretty and take his chances on her loyalty.

What does the wife of Bath ask of Jesus?

At the end of the tale, what does the Wife of Bath ask Jesus to do? She asks Jesus to help her love her husband unconditionally. She asks Jesus to send meek husbands and prays that he will cut short the lives of men who refuse to be governed by their wives. She asks Jesus to kill the knight for refusing to marry her.