Whats the opposite of a ninja?

Whats the opposite of a ninja?

There are no categorical antonyms for this word. However, ninja is also used idiomatically to refer to someone who is exceptionally skilled in a given activity, and in this context, one could use words such as novice, amateur, etc., as antonyms.

What’s the opposite of androgynous?

What is the opposite of androgynous?

gendered feminine
gender-specific masculine

What is an androgynous female?

An androgynous female, for example, is a person who is high in both masculine and feminine traits. Androgynous people can be aggressive or yielding, forceful or gentle, sensitive or assertive — as the particular situation requires. Usually, bright or creative people tend to be androgynous.

What is another word for hermaphrodite?

What is another word for hermaphrodite?

androgyne bisexual
ambisexual epicene

What does Antheral mean?

Definitions of antheral. adjective. capable of fertilizing female organs. synonyms: staminate male. being the sex (of plant or animal) that produces gametes (spermatozoa) that perform the fertilizing function in generation.

What does anther mean on a flower?

Anther: The part of the stamen where pollen is produced. Pistil: The ovule producing part of a flower. The ovary often supports a long style, topped by a stigma.

What is anther and its function?

The male reproductive part of a flower is called the stamen. It is composed of a long tube, called a filament, and has a pollen-producing structure on the end. This oval-shaped structure is called the anther. Anther produces male gametophytes for the pollination.

How do you spell anther?

Anther, an′thėr, n. the top of the stamen in a flower which contains the pollen or fertilising dust. An′theral; Antherif′erous, bearing anthers; Anth′eroid, resembling an anther.

Is the anther male or female?

Collectively, the male parts of the flower are called the stamen. Individually, the male reproductive parts are called the anther and the filament.

What is anther culture?

Anther culture means plant regeneration from the haploid microspore cells with the aim of haploid and dihaploid plant production. There are few reports on plant regeneration in the anther culture of buckwheat.

What is carpel and function?

Carpel is female reproductive part of the plant . It has three parts : i Stigma : It is sticky in nature so that pollen grain can attach on it. ii Style : It provides height to stigma. iii Ovary : It is basal part which contain ovule. On maturity ovule becomes seed and ovary becomes fruit.

What are the 3 parts of carpel?

Carpels have three main parts: The ovary containing the ovules, the style through which the pollen tubes grow, and the stigma on which the pollen grains germinate.

What is the function of the style?

The function of the style is to check compatibility and judge whether the pollen that lands on the flower can fertilize the plant. Pollen with male genetic information lands on the flower’s stigma and is secured there due to the stickiness of the stalk.

What is function of pistil?

The main function of the pistil is to produce ovule. Other functions and importance of pistil include: It is the female reproductive part of a flower. It receives pollen and helps in the fertilization process.

What is pistil short answer?

Pistil, the female reproductive part of a flower. The pistil, centrally located, typically consists of a swollen base, the ovary, which contains the potential seeds, or ovules; a stalk, or style, arising from the ovary; and a pollen-receptive tip, the stigma, variously shaped and often sticky.

What is the name of a female flower?


What are anthers in a lily?

Anthers are the male reproductive structures of flowering plants that produce pollen. Each anther is deeply bilobed, and each lobe contains two structures called microsporangia. Nutrients are provided to a developing cell by the columnar tapetum cells that surround each microsporangium.

Why do lilies have 6 petals?

Like other flowers, the lily has both sepals and petals. The lily’s sepals and petals are the same color, shape and size, producing what appears to be a flower with six petals.

Is a lily a perfect flower?

The Lily is a perfect flower. A perfect flower is one that contains both the male stamens and the female pistil and is therefore able to self-pollinate in order to produce fruit/seed. Imperfect flowers, on the other hand, are those that are either males (have stamens) or females (have a pistil).