Where is the forge of hephaistos?

Where is the forge of hephaistos?


Is the mysterious woman Athena?

Kassandra found pieces of tablets detailing the life and legacy of Gorgophone, and then recovered the queen’s helmet in a treasure chest. On returning to the mysterious woman, Kassandra told what she thought of the woman’s claim to be Athena, and was gifted the helmet as thanks for completing the various tasks.

How do you seduce timotheos?

Talk to Timotheos You will find him on a nearby island. In the port you’ll find boats that make it easier for you to get there. If you feel like it, you can start romancing with him by telling him You shouldn’t train alone.

What do you say to timotheos?

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Guide & Walkthrough During the next sequence, you have several options to manage the young man’s crisis. By using the lines “Let me help”, “You won’t hurt me” and “Breathe”, you will be able to calm Timotheos down, and he will then ask you to stay with him for a while (pictures3-4).

Where is timotheos father’s armor?

Grove Kromyon area Korinthia

Should I steal Diokles armor?

If you don’t want to pay for Diokles’ armor but you want to have it, you can steal it. You will find it on the top of a nearby building.

Can I keep Diokles armor?

If you have stolen or purchased Diokles’s Armor at the same time as the Standard Athenian Armor, you have the opportunity to keep the armor with the highest value (pictures3-4). If you have stolen or purchased Diokles’ armor from the merchant, you can give it to his sons (picture5).

How do you steal Diokles armor?

If you eliminate the merchant, you can retrieve the Standard Athenian Armor from his corpse, and then go to the upper floor of his house to find Diokles’s armor (pictures3-4-5). Leave the dialogue with the merchant and simply climb on the roof of his house to find Diokles’s armor and steal it (picture6).

Where can the clue be bought in korinthia?

Pallas the Silencer The clue points to a merchant in Korinthia, and encountering the blacksmith in the main city of Korinth, you can purchase an item from miscellaneous tab to uncover the identity of this cultist. Once exposed, Pallas can be found on the main battleground in Achaia.

Where can I find Diokle armor?

Kassandra found Diokles’ Armor on the roof of the merchant’s house.