Who is the youngest in loona?

Who is the youngest in loona?


Why is loona called loona?

LOONA, stylized as LOOΠΔ (Hangul: 이달의 소녀 which translates to “Girl of the Month”) is a South Korean pre-debut girl group project created by Blockberry Creative, a subsidiary of Polaris Entertainment (home of Ladies’ Code). The meaning behind the name LOOΠΔ comes from the Hangul spelling of their name: 이달의 소녀.

Why should I Stan loona?

“Stan LOONA” is like a joke phrase made popular among the fanbase for the group, aka “Orbits”. They also have expressed their appreciation towards their fanbase and their company multiple times throughout their predebut project and even from their debut to today.

What are loona fans called?

Orbit (Hangul: 오빛) is LOONA’s official fandom name.

What is Stan loona?

The crossover defines the meme itself: “stan Loona” is defined on Urban Dictionary as “A popular phrase used by twitter gays under every popular tweet encouraging readers to stan Korean girl group Loona.”

What is OT in Kpop?

“OT” stands for One True. When people talk about groups like SNSD and say OT9 or EXO and OT12, they’re talking about the original number of members in the group.

Are loona rookies?

LOONA’s expectations. Just like any rookie group, LOONA is filled with hopes and dreams. The girls aspire to show the best versions of themselves as a full group and eventually earn the title of “Monster Rookies,” as they’re hoping to win a rookie award.

Did BTS have girlfriends?

BTS members Jimin, Jungkook, RM, Suga, V, Jin and J-Hope’s are all currently single, but there have been plenty of dating and girlfriend rumours surrounding them.

Would BTS date a Caucasian?

To be brutally honest it isn’t very likely. The most likely would be RM who speaks fluent English. It isn’t because white people arent beautiful and aren’t their taste, in fact BTS have many celebrity crushes who all seem to be white.

What does BTS not like in a girl?

He wouldn’t like a girl with no personality, a dull girl as well. He would need a spicy personality around him, someone that follow him in his jokes and fantasies. If a girl would cut him off while he’s trying to say or do something funny would be the worst type of girl for him.