Who should I pair Sun Tzu with?

Who should I pair Sun Tzu with?

Best Commander Pairing When using Sun Tzu defensively you can pair him with commanders like Eulji Mundeok for the next damage extra damage buff or with Richerd, Alexander or Charles Martel who will boost defensive capabilties by a lot.

Is Sun Tzu good ROK?

Sun Tzu is one of the best AOE nuking commanders in Rise of Kingdoms, and he’s probably the best AOE nuker among all epic commanders. His active skill can significantly damage up to 5 targets if his skills are maxed out. Aside from that, he can easily restore rage through his active skill.

What is the strongest commander in rise of kingdoms?

Yi-Seong Gye

What can you buy with gold rise of kingdoms?

Gold is required to research all technologies unlocked after Academy level 10, as well as the training/upgrade of all Tier 3 and higher troops, though it is not used in any building upgrades.

What were the resources available in the kingdom used for?

Answer: The resources were usually obtained from what they produced. Then they used these resources to establish the king financially and for the construction of temple and forts. Therefore, these resources were important.

How did the Kings mobilize resources?

The kings received the resources from land revenue and capturing other kingdoms. they mobilized the resources by: 1)Developing good roads: The kings in the ancient time were very concerned for the health and facilities of their subjects.In order to facilitate trade as well as transportation they developed good roads.

Is UK rich in natural resources?

The UK has a variety of natural resources including: Geological: coal, petroleum, natural gas, limestone, chalk, gypsum, silica, rock salt, china clay, iron ore, tin, silver, gold, lead.

How are empires different from kingdoms?

For starters, an empire is a collection of different countries ruled by an emperor/empress while a kingdom may consist of a single domain or more which is ruled by a king or a queen.