Who was the third emperor?

Who was the third emperor?

Gaius Julius Caesar Germanicus

Is Roman Empire on Netflix worth watching?

It’s a novel show which sits somewhere in between a drama like GoT and a documentary. It’s hard to explain but It was a ton of fun to watch . It has quite a few inaccuracies, many of which result from over dramatization of the Commodus story.

Is empire based on Jay Z?

According to Empire’s co-creator Danny Strong, they based the hit TV series’ fictional character Lucious Lyon loosely on billionaire Jay Z. The show pulls from Jay Z’s past criminal life and his rise to stardom through hip-hop and the music industry.

Is empire based on death row?

As the Los Angeles-based label Death Row Records built an empire around Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, and the charismatic, complicated rapper-actor Tupac Shakur, it also entered into a rivalry with New York City’s Bad Boy Records.

Do cookie and Lucious get married?

They have three sons: Andre, Hakeem, and Jamal….

Cookie-Lucious Relationship
Dating History: Married years prior to Pilot Divorced while Cookie was in jail Short romantic affair in Our Dancing Days and The Lyon’s Roar Remarried in The Empire Unpossess’d
Dating Status: Married

Are actors really singing on Empire?

Everyone in the cast can sing their butts off. The entire cast of “Empire” can sing. “She can sing!” Can someone please pass Sidibe the mic next season?! Byers, Grace Gealey [Anika], Kaitlin Doubleday [Rhonda] and Raven-Symone [Olivia] are all also trained vocalists.

Does Jamal on Empire really sing?

Jamal Lyon was born to Lucious (Terrence Howard) and Cookie Lyon (Taraji P. Once Lucious made it big as a rapper and started Empire Entertainment, Jamal became a singer signed to the company. Despite his talent, he refuses to tour and prefers to perform for small audiences in local clubs.