Why was Daedalus and Icarus imprisoned?

Why was Daedalus and Icarus imprisoned?

Icarus and his father Daedalus were imprisoned in the Labyrinth by King Minos, as punishment for the help Daedalus gave Queen Pasiphae and Ariadne, daughter of Minos.

What is a synonym for Ichor?

ichor(noun) (Greek mythology) the rarified fluid said to flow in the veins of the Gods. Synonyms: suppuration, pus, festering, sanies, purulence. pus, purulence, suppuration, ichor, sanies, festering(noun)

What’s another word for fluid?

Fluid synonyms

  • liquid (related)
  • lymphatic.
  • molten.
  • fluent.
  • running.
  • aqueous.
  • liquefied.
  • juicy.

What is opposite of fluid?

Antonyms: unchangeable, nondisposable, gaseous, solid, awkward. Synonyms: mobile, unstable, smooth, liquid, fluent, runny.

What’s another name for embalming fluid?

Is Angel Dust or Sherm Embalming Fluid? Angel dust is another name for phencyclidine, or PCP.

What does staying fluid mean?

As a social idiom the phrase means to not commit oneself to something, such as a person romantically, or to a group with a particular agenda. ‘I decided to stay liquid and help on weekends when I am free and feel like it, rather than agree to participate in group events every weekend. ‘

What does Hondo mean by stay liquid?

Characters here say soldier-y things like “Keep it clean,” “Stay liquid,” and “We got rabbits.” SWAT, you possibly never knew, stands for Special Weapons and Tactics. Hondo becomes the leader of his SWAT team after beloved but aging Buck (Louis Ferreira) mistakes a civilian for a villain and steps down.

Is Fd a liquid asset?

Liquidity is a spectrum. Corporate bonds, treasury bonds, and some publicly traded stocks are among the most liquid assets. Liquid assets include money in savings bank account, fixed deposits that mature within 6 months, investment in liquid funds or other mutual funds and such other short-term assets.

Which is the most liquid asset?

Cash on hand

Is a home a liquid asset?

Land and real estate investments are considered non-liquid assets because it can take months for a person or company to receive cash from the sale. While liquid assets can be easily sold for cash and have a stable market price, non-liquid assets cannot be quickly sold for cash and prices can be much more volatile.

Is not a liquid asset?

Non-liquid assets, also called illiquid assets, can’t be quickly converted to cash. Most non-liquid assets must be sold to tap into their value, requiring you to transfer ownership. The most common examples of non-liquid assets are equipment, real estate, vehicles, art, and collectibles.