How to Write a Cover Letter

The cover letter can be called the first step in the process of an acquaintance of the applicant and the recruiter. It is not just a supplement to the resume but also acts as a convincing tool that the applicant for the vacancy uses to distinguish from the mass of competitors.

The process of writing the cover letter is not easy and has its own characteristics, so those who want to be completely sure of its correctness, use the services of professional cover letter service.

However, despite the intricacies of the process of writing a cover letter, each applicant can master the skills to write it independently. He just needs to follow the tips described in this article.

Stages of writing a cover letter

To decide what you will write in the cover letter, ask yourself the following questions and give answers:

  • what attracts me to this company?
  • how can I contribute to the development of this company?
  • how do I differ from other candidates for this position?

The process of writing a cover letter will consist of 4 stages:

  1. At this stage, you need to make a plan for what you will write.
  2. This stage involves drawing up the structure of the letter, planning the content of each structural element of the cover letter.
  3. Writing the welcome part of the letter. This should be done in a calm and friendly manner, without familiarity.
  4. Writing text. It should be written briefly, but informative and interesting.

The presence of a cover letter at times will increase your chances of being invited to an interview with the employer, where you will receive a bonus opportunity to present your abilities and skills. If you provide true facts about yourself in the cover letter, you can assume that you are ready for the interview, because you won’t be confused on it and everything you say will be fully consistent with the information written in the cover letter.

Recommendations for writing a cover letter

Very often the fact that the future of a person practically depends on the quality of the cover letter makes him nervous, and he cannot adequately assess and describe his professional qualities and capabilities. But when the scales lies the opportunity of obtaining prestigious high-paying jobs, need to focus, concisely and clearly state the necessary information of yourself as a professional employee of the firm must be interested.

The following recommendations will be useful:

  • looking through the availability of vacancies, do not rush and send your resume to all available vacant positions. It is better to take the time to study and analyze it, check the information about each company, read the reviews of its employees and customers. On the basis of all this, make conclusions;
  • when you write a cover letter, be sure to indicate the reason why the company should choose you for the vacant position, and not someone else;
  • demonstrate why you are worthy of the vacant position, justifying it with your experience and the presence of professional achievements, support it all with facts;
  • make sure that the cover letter and resume do not have discrepancies in the information presented, it should not repeat each other, but also should not contradict each other;
  • even if the firm you are applying for is positioning itself as an applicant for ambitious and creative employees, do not show your creativity in the cover letter. Follow the guidelines for business communication;
  • in addition to your professional skills and abilities, briefly describe their personal qualities, it should also be appreciated;
  • after writing the cover letter, check its design for compliance with the rules of the business letter.

In conclusion, you should express gratitude for given to your covering letter attention and time. Do not send the letter immediately, self-check it again or better ask someone from your environment. Entrust this matter to a competent person so that he can detect errors in the text or its structure and suggest how best to correct it.