Is Gnosis the same as enlightenment?

Is Gnosis the same as enlightenment?

Gnosis in Orthodox Christian (primarily Eastern Orthodox) thought is the spiritual knowledge of a saint (one who has obtained theosis) or mystically enlightened human being. It indicates direct spiritual, experiential knowledge and intuitive knowledge, mystic rather than that from rational or reasoned thinking.

Where do the Archons come from?

Archon, in gnosticism, any of a number of world-governing powers that were created with the material world by a subordinate deity called the Demiurge (Creator).

What is an Archon in the Greek Orthodox Church?

The Archons of the Ecumenical Patriarchate are honorees of the Patriarch of Constantinople, who have been selected from among the laity due to service to those portions of the Eastern Orthodox Church under his particular guidance.

Who are the seven Archons?

The Seven Archons

Archon Name Local Alias Region
Barbatos Lord Barbatos Mondstadt
Morax Rex Lapis Liyue
Baal The Raiden Shogun Inazuma
Unknown Unknown Sumeru

Who is Archon barbelo?

Barbēlō (Greek: Βαρβηλώ) refers to the first emanation of God in several forms of Gnostic cosmogony. Barbēlō is often depicted as a supreme female principle, the single passive antecedent of creation in its manifoldness.

Where does Gnosticism come from?

The designation gnosticism is a term of modern scholarship. It was first used by the English poet and philosopher of religion Henry More (1614–87), who applied it to the religious groups referred to in ancient sources as gnostikoi (Greek: “those who have gnosis, or ‘knowledge’ ”).

What are the names of the aeons?

Emanated from Anthropos and Ecclesia

  • Paracletus (Comforter) and Pistis (Faith)
  • Patricas (Paternal) and Elpis (Hope)
  • Metricos (Maternal) and Agape (Love)
  • Ainos (Praise) and Synesis (Intelligence)
  • Ecclesiasticus (Son of Ecclesia) and Macariotes (Blessedness)
  • Theletus (Perfect) and Sophia (Wisdom)

Who is the father in Gnosticism?