Is Yusuke dead?

Is Yusuke dead?

Yusuke wasn’t just a talented Spirit Detective, he also happened to have the blood of a youkai running through his veins. During the battle against the previous Spirit Detective Sensui, Yusuke actually dies, and it’s his demon power that brings him back to life.

Is Yusuke a full demon?

Yusuke is resurrected by his demonic powers, which when fully awakened sees his hair grow to his knees and tattoo-like marks appear on his body. Yusuke is a descendant of the demon king Raizen, whom he goes to see in the Demon Plane.

How did Sensui die?

Raizen shoots a Spirit Gun, just as Yusuke begins to regain control. Yusuke urges Sensui to move, but Sensui suffers a fatal blow from the blast. Itsuki taking Sensui’s body While Yusuke had ignorantly desired that his opponent be treated, Itsuki then reveals that he was to die in half a month anyway.

Who killed Sensui?


What was Sensui illness?

Itsuki construes that Sensui has dissociative identity disorder, having seven split personalities that had emerged from the traumatic encounter with humans who had sacrificed demons in his past.

Who is stronger Sensui vs Toguro?

Sensui is 2 classes above Toguro. So it’s no contest, Sensui would win.

Is Toguro S Class?

He is an S class demon. He was on this side of the barrier when he became one, so he can’t get through it and is stuck on this side. He is specifically stated as a high B class.

What class demon is Karasu?

Quest-class demons

What class demon is Kurama?

Kurama Class A
Hiei Class A
Kazuma Kuwabara Class A
Hokushin Class S

What rank demon is Hiei?

D Class demon

What kind of demon is Yusuke?


How strong is an A class demon?

Beings of A class are almost entirely exclusive to demon world. A class is the second strongest class of power, however compared to S class they are very weak. So weak in fact that they are frequently used as mere foot soldiers for the three kings of demon world.