What are dragon bones used for in Skyrim?

What are dragon bones used for in Skyrim?

Dragon bones and scales are crafting materials used to make weapons and armor; the ability to craft with them is unlocked with the master smithing perk. Dragonbone weapons do the most damage of anything you can craft yourself in Skyrim.

Should I keep dragon bones Skyrim?

It is great armor, but you only need a few. If you dont have a house, just sell them. however, you should try to get a house and store them soon. If your not going to mess with smithing, then you should sell them right away.

Who buys dragon bones?

General goods merchants, alchemy merchants, and Thieves Guild fences will buy dragon bones without the player first having earned the Merchant perk from the Speech skill tree but, strangely, blacksmiths will not.

Who is the best person to sell dragon bones too?

Any general goods store will take them: the two ones you’ll hit early on are the Riverwood Trader in Riverwood and Belethor’s General Goods in Whiterun. Others include: Arnleif and Sons Trading Company in Markarth. Gray Pine Goods in Falkreath.

Do I sell dragon bones?

Dragon bones sell for a high price and if you don’t spend money at the store, they can run out of funds before you run out of bones. Or you could sell it to the general merchants such as Belethors General Goods in Whiterun for a slightly cheaper price.

Who is the richest vendor in Skyrim?

If you complete the restore the Thieves Guild to its former glory quests, all the fences will have 4000 gold to barter with. You can further boost this via investing and the speech perk for a total of 5500 per fence. There is a guy at the Riverwood trader who has 10000 gold once you invest with him.

Where can I sell the most stuff in Skyrim?


Who gives best prices in Skyrim?

Skyrim: 15 Best Merchants, Ranked

  • 11 Belethor Of Belethor’s General Goods – Whiterun.
  • 12 Lucan Valerius Of Riverwood Trader – Riverwood.
  • 13 Revyn Sadri Of Sadri’s Used Wares – Windhelm.
  • 14 Sayma Of Bits And Pieces – Solitude.
  • 15 Endarie And Taarie Of The Radiant Raiment – Solitude.

Can you sell the eyes of Falmer?

There is no quest attached to the Right Eye of the Falmer, so it can be sold to merchants who buy stolen goods.

Who is the best person to sell jewelry to in Skyrim?

The thieves guild fences are best because they have the most gold to trade with, but if you don’t have them unlocked than Fethis Alor in Raven Rock (Dragonborn DLC) has the most gold of the general merchants. Sell them as much stuff as they can buy.

Who can I sell stolen items to in Skyrim?


Where do thieves sell stolen goods?

Where are stolen items sold? Burglars and thieves usually steal valuables to turn a profit. Pawn shops are the most common places to recover stolen items. But online listing sites like Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace are increasingly popular places to sell stolen goods.

Why can’t I sell stolen items in Skyrim?

You’re going to need access to a Fence if you want to sell your bucket-gotten gains. The Thieves guild provides access to them (after completing the 2nd quest). You might also be interested in the ‘Fence’ perk in the Speech tree. You can sell stolen goods to any merchant you have invested in.

Do you lose money if you go to jail in Skyrim?

If you don’t want to pay the bounty or go to jail, your best bet is to pull a Harrison Ford and run. Going to jail kinda stinks, but it’s not a bad way to deal with an issue. You’ll lose most, if not all, of your progress in skills as well as some time.

Is it better to pay bounty or go to jail Skyrim?

Jail is an alternative for you if you don’t want to pay your bounty in order to get rid of it. Unfortunately, staying in jail will also cause reduce of the progress you’ve made toward leveling up skills. Store away any stolen goods. When you pay a bounty, all of your stolen items will be confiscated.