What is the oldest Cinderella story?

What is the oldest Cinderella story?


How old is Cinderella fairytale?

2,000 years old

Who gave Rhodopis the rose red gold slippers?

Despite the teasing, Rhodopis had beautiful dance skills that earned her pink-red slippers from her master. One of these slippers was stolen by a falcon. The falcon took the slipper to the Egyptian pharaoh who swears to find the wearer of the shoe and make her his queen.

What animal takes Rhodopis?

As she was continuing with her chores the sky darkened and when she looked up she saw a falcon sweep down, snatch one of her slippers, and fly away. Rhodopis was in awe for she knew it was the god Horus who had taken her shoe.

Who was Rhapdosis?

Once upon a time, a long time ago in ancient Egypt, there lived a lovely slave girl named Rhapdosis. The other slaves who lived in the grand house by the Nile rarely spoke to Rhapdosis. The slave boys thought she was proud and haughty. Certainly Rhapdosis was beautiful.

What Bird did Rhodopis see in the sky and what was his name?

8. What bird did Rhodopis see in the sky and what was his name? Rhodopis saw a great falcon called Horus.

What does Rhodopis look like?

Their hair was straight and black and elegant; her hair was golden, curly and coarse. Their eyes were brown and black and deep, but hers were green and bright. Their skin glowed like copper and bronze and sand, but Rhodopis had fair skin that burnt in the sun. They made her do all their work while the old man slept.

What does Rhodopis receive as a gift from her master?

The gift she finally chose was truly unique: a medley of iron spits used to roast sacrificial meats. The spits, which cost her one-tenth of her wealth, were set in a marble stand with an inscription publicising to the world that “Rhodopis dedicated” these to Apollo.

What is a Rhodopis?

Rodopi – Thrace (Greece) Rodopi. Rodopi is the central prefecture of the Greek district Thrace. According to Greek mythology she was daughter of Ocean and Tithia. The contrast between the Rodopi mountain mass in the north and the large plain of Komotini in the south is one of the most striking features of this area.