Who is in love with Demetrius?

Who is in love with Demetrius?


Is Helena in love with Demetrius?

Helena is a school friend of Hermia, the female lead in the play. Hermia loves Lysander, but her father, Egeus, has ordered her to marry Demetrius. To complicate things, Helena is in love with Demetrius, even though he does not return her feelings.

Who married Demetrius?

4.1: Off-stage, Demetrius marries Helena in a triple wedding ceremony that also includes Hermia and Lysander and Theseus and Hippolyta.

How does Demetrius fall in love with Helena?

Helena loses Demetrius in the wood and trips over Lysander. When he wakes up, Helena is the first person he sees, so he instantly falls in love with her. When Oberon finds out, he orders Puck to put the potion into Demetrius’ eyes, so Demetrius falls in love with Helena too.

When did Helena fall in love with Demetrius?

Hover for more information. Demetrius is caused to fall in love with Helena in Act III Scene 2 when Puck anoints his eyes with the love-flower. He is then awakened by Lysander and Helena. Lysander is busy protesting his love of Helena, and Helena thinks that he is joking and then begins to get angry with him.

What causes Demetrius to wake up?

2.2. 145: Hermia wakes suddenly from a nightmare she had, crying out for Lysander to help her. She dreamt that a snake was eating her heart while Lysander sat by and watched, smiling. She then realizes Lysander isn’t near her after all, and she gets scared.

How is Demetrius cruel?

Demetrius is also pretty abusive and insensitive to Helena when she refuses to give up on him. Here’s how he handles her: First, he tells her flat-out that he doesn’t love her and never will be able to love her (2.1). Then, he informs her that she makes him sick when he looks at her (2.1).

What kind of man is Demetrius?

Demetrius is an Athenian man. Egeus, Hermia’s father, favors him and he seems like the perfect gentleman. Theseus, the Duke of Athens, who’s the one to decree that Hermia must marry Demetrius, says, ”Demetrius is a worthy gentleman.

Is Lysander a better person than Demetrius?

Lysander is, at least on the surface, a much nicer guy than Demetrius. Unlike Demetrius, who is picked by Egeus for Hermia’s husband for reasons we don’t know, Lysander actually wooed and won his lady.

Who does Demetrius control?


Does Helena control Demetrius?

Helena wants to control Demetrius because she wants him to love her. Helena tells Demetrius Hermia and Lysander’s secret plan. Helena does not change Demetrius’ feelings toward her. He still does not love her and he wants her gone.

Why does Demetrius want Helena to leave him alone?

Demetrius wants Helena to leave him alone because he is in pursuit of someone himself. He is looking for Hermia and Lysander so that, “The one I’ll stay; the other stayeth me,” since he thinks he is in love with Hermia and, more importantly, Egeus has chosen him as Hermia’s husband.

What is the difference between Helena and Hermia?

Helena and Hermia are both said to be beautiful, but they look very different from one another. Helena is depicted as being noticeably taller than Hermia and having lighter colored skin and hair. Hermia is depicted as being of a darker complexion.

What does Helena think of both Lysander and Demetrius wooing her?

Demetrius joins Lysander in declaring this love. Lysander argues that Demetrius does not really love Helena; Demetrius argues that Lysander is truly in love with Hermia. Helena believes that they are both mocking her and refuses to believe that either one loves her.