Why was the power of German emperors limited?

Why was the power of German emperors limited?

Why was the power of German emperors limited? They had to control their vassals; they also had conflict with the popes over the appointment of Church officials.

Who was Hauser in the last lesson?

Answer. Hauser was an old farmer who had come to attend the last french lesson to express his gratitude to Monsieur Hamel, like the other villagers sitting at the back of the class. The moral lesson of the Last Leaf is that even if we have to facebad things, we should always help loved ones.

How did M Hamel delivered his last lesson?

Hamel delivered his lesson with utmost patience and clarity, as if he was trying to put all the knowledge he had in the students heads in one stroke. The students and the villagers listened to it carefully and thus found everything easy and understood it very well.

How did M Hamel conclude his last class?

He wanted to say some parting words, but something choked him. Then he wrote “Vive La France!” on the blackboard with a piece of chalk. Then he stopped. Without a word, he made a gesture to the students with his hand to permit them to go as the school was over.

How did M Hamel teach his last lesson?

Hamel was to take up a lesson on participles that day, he did not conduct an elaborate session on it, instead he taught children majorly about the importance of their mother tongue. He told them that their native language is like a key to that prison in which they were to be trapped by the Germans from the next day.

What did the teacher teach on the last day?

What lesson did the teacher teach when he gave his last lesson?(answer in 30-40 words) He taught the greatest lesson of life and that is – if you don’t know or don’t respect yourself, your nation or language; then no one will ever respect you and you will as a slave throughout your life.

Which action of M Hamel makes the last lesson more memorable?

In The Last Lesson, M. Hammel made his lesson special by focusing o the native language – French. He made the students understand how they missed out on giving attention to their native language. He emphasized that even if people becomes slaves, their native language is one thing that nobody can destroy.

Why did M Hamel put on his fine Sunday clothes?

As a gesture to mark the importance of last lesson. He wore his fine sunday clothes in honour of last french lesson and for the love he had for his mother tongue. After the order from Berlin had come, that only German would be taught in schools and not French M.

What did M Hamel give students to prepare?

Answer: When M. Hamel wanted to go fishing he gave his students a holiday.

Why did M Hamel blame the parents?

Hamel blamed the parents for the neglect of learning on the part of boys like Franz because their parents wanted them to work on farm to earn some money. Franz himself wanted to enjoy his time and thus, avoided going to school.

What did Mr Hamel say when Franz didn’t tell the rules of participles?

When Franz could not recite the rules of participles, M. Hamel became sad. He said though he may not reprimand him, but they had much faults to blame themselves. He said that only if they had attended their classes regularly with attention, they would have been able to learn French.